Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 9th @ Belvedere's

Tomorrow night we're going to be at Belvedere's in Lawrenceville--you know, the place where you hook-up at 80s night every week? Well they have real music there too, and tomorrow night is the Philadelphia noise band, Satanized, along with locals Brown Angel and us. We are nowhere near as heavy as these other fuckers, so please come and be human shields when people start throwing bottles.

Also, if you really do like Low Man, this might be a perfect show to attend, because it is going to be the last one for a little while. We're going through some changes and need to re-group in the coming weeks, so we won't be playing out until probably November at least. The good news is that when we return, it will be with a bunch of new songs and maybe even a record in the works. But if you need a Low Man fix before then, tomorrow night is your last chance.

Door at 8 // Music at 9
$5 // 21+ // LAST SHOW... for a while

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 23rd @ The Smiling Moose

Remember a couple of months ago when the motherfuckin' cops came and shut down that show at the Doo-Wop Mansion, and our dear friends from Boston, Pile, couldn't even finish their set? Well, it's better late than never, because they're heading south once more and giving this rock 'n' roll thing another try!

We'll be joining them, along with Brass Chariot and Lightweight this Friday night at the Smiling Moose on the South Side. It's the second leg of the Low Man + Brass Chariot Both Sides of the River Tour, and it's going to be even louder and even drunker than the last show, so if you want to watch J.z. get a concussion falling off the stage, this is not to be missed!

Door at 8 // Music at 9
$5 // 21+ // Afterparty at your house

Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 18th @ Howlers

Our friends The Rice Cakes just left Pittsburgh this week, and now their friends, This Is A Movement, are arriving in town from Providence to play with us at Howlers Coyote Cafe in Bloomfield!

Along with the venerable Sam Matthews' Brass Chariot, pumping out the old-school punk jams, we'll be ripping the roof off Little Italy after the Steelers beat the snot out of the Seattle Shithawks. Come and celebrate the STEEL with some METAL. Get it? Get it?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Papa's got a brand new bag... of jams!

Last week we performed on the 92.1 WPTS Live Show, and this week we got the recording back from it. Now, even if you couldn't tune in, you can have a little bit of Low Man radio magic in your very own home! They're a little rough around the edges, but we picked out some of our favorites to share, including our newest song, the intellectually titled "American Literature From 1860," which, naturally, is about fucking. Additional fun-fact about that song: to comply with FCC regulations, we had to change the word "motherfucker" to something just as bad-ass but technically less obscene. The decision Luke made? "Harvey Keitel".

As always, you can find the recordings on our Music page right here on this website, but if you'd like to download them, visit our Bandcamp and have them for free! A big thank you to everyone at WPTS, especially Dave Cerminara, for letting us come in and make the studio unbearably loud and sweaty for an hour. And thanks as well to whomever it was that took the picture of what we can only assume is Lou Albano smoking the tires of a souped-up GT that we stole for the album artwork. Badass.

Friday, August 26, 2011

WPTS Live Show! August 31st!

Tonight is the big night when we're playing at Mr. Smalls, but we know how expensive those tickets are and we totally understand that you probably don't even know where the fuck Millvale is anyway. However, in just a few more days, we've got another performance coming up that we know you'll love. It's free and you don't even have to come to it.

It's on your radio at 92.1 FM if you're in the Pittsburgh area, and it's on your internet at, all for your listening pleasures. However, if you do wish to attend and hear your voice on the air and consequent live record we'll be putting out from the performance, you absolutely can show up and be in the studio with us! The more there merrier! Maybe we can make it sound like we actually have some fans!

We'll be pretty much playing our entire discography (all whopping ten songs!) and there is almost always pizza to be eaten, so you should come up to the studio in Oakland and hang out with us! It's Wednesday night, around 8p on the 4th floor of the William Pitt Union. If you can't find it, just ask one of us and we'll give you directions.

411 William Pitt Union // Pittsburgh PA 15260
Studio at 8 // Music at 9 // Get burned onto a CD!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 26th @ Mr. Smalls

Ho. Lee. Shit.

We just got done playing with Texas stonegaze rockers, True Widow last night (of which pictures will be posted soon!), and this morning J.z. gets an email from Opus One, the production company that books for Mr. Smalls, The Brillobox and Club Cafe, asking us to get in on this show last minute. Next week.

With the godfathers of doom themselves.

Fucking Pentagram is coming back to Pittsburgh and touring with Valient Thorr and Jeff the Brotherhood, and we are beyond honored to be sharing the same stage as the dudes who invented the shit that we do and are still doing it better than most out there. And they're old as fuck, man.

It's an expensive show, but we have tickets in hand and we'll give you a special deal on them. We don't really care about making money, we just want this thing to be a big fat party. It's the biggest show we'll probably ever play, so we gotta make it count, y'know? So talk to one of us about tickets and we'll hook you up!

Door at 6 // Music at 7
$20 at the door // $18 ahead of time // $?! if you talk to us

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hard rep

It's fun to be in a band. People give you free drugs and free sex like it's going out of style, you get to drive around in limos and fly in personal jets, and every third Thursday of the month, everyone gets together and goes BASE jumping off Mount Rushmore into a giant vat of chocolate pudding.

But the really great thing about being in a band is meeting cool people (even if they don't give you drugs or sex). When Low Man was just starting out, we met these guys who were hosting a biweekly music night in their house. Since then, The Aviary has been shut down by the cops, and now is being re-opened for one last hurrah this Thursday night. But our friendship with the guys who ran the house has grown too.

Sleepy V have become some of our closest friends in the music scene here in Pittsburgh and our constant partners in crime, so naturally when we saw that they'd finally released their Take Away Tuesday video this week for the song "Out the Window", we wanted to link to it and show them off in all their adorable glory. But what is that that Gene (the one with the guitar) is wearing? Why yes it is a Low Man t-shirt! Reppin' the local scene hard with some soft, sweet jams.

It gets us a lil' teary-eyed seeing our friends make such great music, and even more so when they are silently fist-bumping us the entire way. True dudes. If you're into what they do (and they do it even better when they're all plugged in and full of alcohol), this Thursday is a great chance to see them and us as well!

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 21st @ The Aviary

Yes, you read that right. The Aviary got served a cease and desist back in spring, but the awesome dudes who live there are moving out this week, so we're gonna leave the place in ruins with the party of the century. Two touring bands are coming in from Boston (The La De Les) and from the good ol' state of Indiana (Desert Neighbor), and the rest of the night is going to be jam-packed with rock 'n' roll goodness from some Aviary stand-bys in Legs Like Tree Trunks, Sleepy V and of course, us!

Get the fuck to this show. We want to tear the place down and then burn it to the ground with everyone trapped inside. This is one of the best music houses in Pittsburgh, and in light of Helter Shelter in Lawrenceville being closed down as well this past week, we have to hang on to the things that are real and raw here. House venues will come and go, but The Aviary should be remembered for ages, so make sure it's your blood on the walls this Thursday or your grandchildren will kick you in the dick for being a big fat pussy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pix 'N' Dix

So back in May we played an awesome show in an awesome basement with an awesome band from Boston called Pile, and then the awesome cops came and shut us the fuck down. It was pretty rad, except for the part where Pile couldn't even finish their set and the third band didn't even go on because the fucking party police came and pooped right on our party.

However, we did have awesome pictures taken at the gig, ones that we've all already adopted as our Facebook profile pics to show everyone that we're in a band and shit, and then changed to other pics completely because this whole thing went down like, two entire months ago. But J.z. finally got off his lazy ass after the Nobunny show tonight (which was killer as fuck) and actually uploaded them. Here are a few of our favorites, but as always, you can check them all out on our Facebook or on our Flickr.

More shit to come soon, probably. People were taking pictures at the Meadower show, so that should be bangin'. And we're almost sold out of our sweet t-shirts too! Waiting to hear back from the venerable Mike Budai about getting more of those fuckers for you fuckers!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 8th @ 31st Street Pub

So this is about as last minute as it gets, but we're playing tomorrow night at the 31st Street Pub at the twilight hour of ten. We're opening for a power-pop/garage-punk band called Nobunny that is headed by a dude who wears a bunny mask and apparently gets more than mostly naked at more than most of his shows. But he's recorded for Third Man, so if Jack White likes him, then so do we. Sounds fun at the least. Also taking the stage will be local punks, Scattergun.

We know none of you are even old enough to get into this show and that the rest of you have jobs the next day, so it's totally chill as hell if you can't make it. We just wanted to put the word out that we'd be playing another show so quick. We didn't even know this until this afternoon when the venerable Manny Theiner called us to find someone to fill in for a band that flaked. Frankly we're sorta flattered that we were the ones he called. So if you can swing by, that would totally be sweet. We'll give out free Low Man pins or something. Or rub on you sensually. Whatever you want. We're easy.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 30th @ Garfield Artworks

Just in case you cats and dogs were not aware, we've got a show coming up this Thursday, June 30th at Garfield Artworks on Penn Avenue. It's with a math-y kind of indie rock band from Detroit called Meadower, as well as some hometown haberdashers like Sports Metaphors and Satyr/Elfheim.

It's gonna be an intimate little outing (read: no one will be there), so if you want a night of smooth jams and sultry harmonies, stay home and watch New York, New York, starring Liza Minelli and Robert De Niro. However, if you want to hang out in an empty room and listen to four idiots turn their instruments up way too loud, perhaps this is the social event for you. We have t-shirts for you to regrettably remember it by!

Door at 8p // Music at 9p
$5 // All ages // Manny Theiner Eating Doritos

Sunday, June 19, 2011


You didn't ask for them, but we got them anyway! It's a Low Man t-shirt, you sexy fuckers! Designed and printed by the fabulous Mike Budai for the AIR Summer Bash 2011 that we just played last night, these shirts are a limited print--so limited that we already ran out of smalls! If you want one, they're only five bucks, so let us know and we'll hold one in medium or large for you!

We will be getting more soon, in smaller and bigger sizes and maybe even some girl-cut shirts as well. But this first, limited-edition, super-special run of shirts is something every Low Man fan deserves. You forgot your dad on Father's Day? Buy him a shirt! Your girlfriend caught you naked with the cat? Buy her a shirt! It's got everything: cleavage, skulls, a goat's head... what more could you ask for?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Saturday!

Just a few more days 'til Low Man hits up Artists Image Resource on the North Side with Allies. It's a great night full of food and drink (with beer provided by East End Brewery!) with musical performances and artist installations. Not only that, but screen printing will be going down right there in house and the whole thing is wrapping up in plenty of time for you to get out to the rest of the sick shows going on Saturday night (the sickest of which is, without a doubt, the Earth show happening at the Braddock Carnegie Library Theater). And for only $5 all going to funding A.I.R., that's pretty sick.

Low Man is going on around 9p and Allies will be on before us, so make sure you get there early enough to soak in all the jams. We'll be playing all of your favorites and we'll even have Mike Budai-designed t-shirts (the guy who made the awesome flyer above) for sale!! It's almost like we're a real band now. But don't worry, we're not. Luke will still accidentally unplug his guitar at least once and J.z. will forget the lyrics to either the first chorus of Roll the River Down or second verse of Golden Dawn even though he wrote them. But it'll be fun anyway! Or possibly due to all of that! Depends what you're into. We just hope you're into us!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 18th @ A.I.R.

It's been a while since we've posted on here and we're terribly sorry about that, but we've been working on mad cool things, dawgs. First off, the cops shut down our show at the Doo-Wop Mansion about two-thirds of the way into Pile's set. It was a fucking shame because those dudes from Boston knew how to rock. But we'll talk more about that later, when we post up some of the pictures from that show.

What we've got going on now, other than preparations to record our EP and split with Chrononaut, is a totally sick show at the Artists Image Resource on the North Side. You may have heard of A.I.R. before, but even if you haven't, it is strongly possible you are wearing a t-shirt or are displaying a poster that was made there. It's the place tons of bands and artists go to do screen printing, and if you've ever admired any of Mike Budai's artwork (not a difficult thing to do, especially here in Pittsburgh), you've definitely benefitted from the resources at A.I.R.

So naturally, we are totally pumped to be able to support the initiative by playing their Annual Summer Bash next Saturday. But what we're even more pumped about is the fact that Mike Budai is making a custom Low Man t-shirt to sell at the gig! HOLY SHIT!! He is seriously one of our absolute favorite Pittsburgh artists (along with Andy Kehoe if he still counts, out there in Portland as he is now) and it is a goddamn honor to have him design a shirt for us!

Get your ass to the North Side and support this awesome group and eat food and drink dranks and come see Low Man for the first time in a month and buy one of our sick new t-shirts and get a pin too! In the meantime, we'll continue deviously planning for the summer, so get ready you sexy hot things!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 13th @ Doo Wop Mansion

It's been a while since we played an all ages show, and we've heard your whiny cries so here you go--don't let us down. This Friday we are playing at North Oakland's Doo Wop Mansion, the house venue where Ursa Major and Psychic Boots live and love. Psychic Boots is hosting the show and headlining is a band from Boston called Pile.

It's a short-notice thing, coming up at the end of this week already, but you already know the venue on Morewood Avenue (heh heh) and it's only three bucks for the touring band, so you've got no excuses. School's almost over for you and this shit goes down on a Friday night, so you can even sleep in the next day before having to write your epic two-page paper on Lord of the Flies. Fucking high school. It's the Official Beginning of the Summer House Party Jam and the last Low Man show we've got scheduled for a while.

Door at 8p // Music at 9p
$3 // Invite your mom // Suck it

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No big (Vol. 2)

Oh hey, 'sup guys? You haven't heard about our totally sweet show coming up on Saturday at the 31st Street Pub? Then you must not read the Pittsburgh City Paper, because we totally got listed in there again as a Critic's Pick for the weekend.

Not that anyone in the local media really gives a shit about Low Man, but it's pretty badass to be listed with the Thing To See This Weekend twice in a row. Maybe some Marlon Randos will actually show up to this thing and buy our pins, since none of you fuckers will. Come to this shit.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 7th @ 31st Street Pub

Usually when we get on here and talk about one of the shows we have coming up, we get all riled and start ranting about how it's going to be the best thing since blowjobs, but this time I want to get serious for a second:

This show is going to be the best thing since blowjobs.

Seriously, this time. We are playing with White Hills, a fucking juggernaut of a space-rock band from Brooklyn on Thrill Jockey. They just got back from Europe and are doing a U.S. tour and gracing our little town of Pittsburgh with their presence for one night, and we're goddamn honored to be playing with them. They will seriously kick your nuts right into your ass. Plus there are some hot chicks in the band too.

If ever there was a Low Man show to attend, it is most assuredly this one. We've got new songs to jam to, new pins to snag, and sticking around for White Hills will be the ride of your life, straight to the gates of the cosmic worm's lair. The rest of our shows were all bullshit; this one is the biggest, fattest tit in the galaxy, so come and suckle the rock 'n' roll from it and let it dribble down your chin.

Monday, April 25, 2011

More good press

Somehow in the big mess of things between finishing the demo, writing new songs and getting those sexy new pins made, we missed another bit of awesomely random (and randomly awesome) press about our band. The fabulous and apparently British site, Chybucca Sounds, found our little single on the internet just like Heavy Planet and The Soda Shop did, and wrote a review of their own as well. What's more, they liked it!

"Recorded and mixed in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Low Man’s early rugged sound mirrors their Californian stoner cousins. Inspired by the likes of Kyuss (among others) the driving quartet’s sound would benefit from the secretive spell that the rustic Rancho de la Luna studios casts over its inmates; especially the raw and moody fuzz of ‘Snake Farmer’ – a track that would flourish in the Mojave heat."

We could not possibly agree more about the Rancho de la Luna thing either--definitely a dream of ours. Just standing in a room with Josh Homme would probably put Luke into a coma, and maybe Dave Catching even has a fuzz pedal that J.z. could borrow. Plus, Dave Grohl just comes with the price for studio time, right?

Seriously though, a huge thanks to Chybucca Sounds for the insanely nice words from all the way across the pond. Maybe if we ever get our asses to the UK in like... a decade, we can meet up over a couple pints of Strongbow.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The show last night at Gooski's was, as expected, awesome as all hell. Moonrises was the goddamn jam, Driphouse and Carl Calm taught Luke a bunch about noise, and, of course, Chrononaut are some of our favorite dudes in the city (and would be even more if they'd just play a goddamn Kiss cover already). Major thanks to everyone that made it out to get down to some of our new jams late into the night. We even saw some fist-pumping to Last of the Rat Kings. Hell yeah.

Best of all, we finally got some merch! Pins! Before the show started, Pittsburgh's Preferred 1" Pin Producer, Rachel Recalcitrant, came struttin' down Brereton Street with a ziplock bag full of 100 brand new pins in three different designs that J.z. made, so now we've got swag for you to show of your Low Man love. They're fifty cents each, so if you'd like to have one (or all three!) just come to our next show or ask one of your friendly local Low Man sales representatives and we'll get them to you! Evan's got a handful and J.z.'s got the rest of the bag and both of them have bikes, so we guarantee delivery in less than an hour. Or at least a week. Guaranteed service with a goddamn smile.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No big

Ooohhh shit, the show of the goddamn century is coming up real soon, and no I don't mean Mogwai (though that's gonna kick total ass too). You know what I'm talking about, and it's happening FRIDAY NIGHT! You wanna know how hard this shit is gonna go off?

Yeah, check that the fuck out. Our shit is a Pittsburgh City Paper Editor's Pick for this week. No big, just totally one of the best shows going on in the whole entire city this week that you should totally be checking out and what-not. It's not that important, except that if you miss it you'll feel like a real idiot when your fucking boss is talking about it the next morning. Your boss. He drives a Corsica and smells like Doritos, and even he had his shit together enough to show up at this banger to end all bangers. Jesus, you're never gonna get promoted like this.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"New Band to Burn One To"

It appears that we are pretty cool. At least some small cross-section of the internet beyond us thinks so. Namely the cross-section of the internet that likes stoner rock, which is exactly the kind of cross-section we hoped might think we're pretty cool.

The stoner rock-centric blogs, Heavy Planet and The Soda Shop listed Low Man as yesterday's "New Band to Burn One To" and we seriously could not be more flattered. And confused. Just because we have no idea how they found us, short of just clicking randomly through all the horrible shit that is on Bandcamp--and if that's the case and they ended up still liking us after slogging through all that other nonsense, we really have to tip our hats to them. Their thoughts?

"These guys have something good going on and show a promising future. They have that whole hard rock, desert rock, and anything Josh Homme has/is involved in. Hit them up on Facebook and their other sites and show em some love."

Short and sweet. And then they embedded our new two-song demo for people to check out as well. And the best part was that people we don't even know went ahead and Liked that shit on Facebook. No matter how minor the whole thing is, it is so awesome a feeling to have someone notice your shit and like it, especially when it's just some random person on the internet who has no good reason to like you short of the actual quality of your shit. So thanks, Heavy Planet and The Soda Shop, we appreciate the love and our first bit of press!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 22nd @ Gooski's

It's actually been almost a month since we played a show and that's kind of hard for us to believe. But we've been working on a bunch of new songs that you'll totally flip your lid for, and we've got just the place for that lid-flippin' to go down. We'll be playing at Gooski's in Polish Hill on Friday April 22nd with one of Pittsburgh's finest stoner rock bands around, Chrononaut, as well as psych-prog band Moonrises out of Chicago, and Carl Calm & Driphouse, two electro/noise acts by way of Brooklyn and North Carolina.

This show is going to be so seriously off the motherfucking chain that we made two different flyers for it. The first one up there is J.z.'s and is for hanging around town and at his job where the squares might bust a vein if they saw the second down there, courtesy of Mike from Chrononaut. That one gives you a little better of an idea as to how goddamn rock 'n' roll this shit is going be; it speaks the truth, hard and loud, just like our jams and our dicks, baby.

It's a 21+ show, so grab your fake IDs and get your ass to Polish Hill. We know damn well we don't have any fans old enough to actually get into this shit legally.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Two songs!

The time has come: the internet, whether it likes it or not, now officially has some Low Man all up in its shit. Musically, speaking. It ain't perfect, but it's done and at least you can hear what the hell we sorta sound like now and then decide how much you hate us. I mean, you can give us that much, right?

Check out our Bandcamp to take a listen to the two tracks we've got recorded, and download them too! And if you like 'em, Like 'em (Facebook-style, there's a button there!) so that we can pretend that we've actually got some fans and shit. We've got thirty-three now, according to our Facebook page, so show us what you're worth! We're needy. Let us feel your love, all warm and wet up inside us.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Right now, at this exact moment, the Low Man demo is being mixed in our secret lair in uptown Pittsburgh. Well, maybe not at this exact moment. Luke and Byers could be outside on a smoke break, or, perhaps, making out. And plus, depending on when you read this, the whole thing could be finished. In fact, you might be listening to the demo already by the time you're reading this. You might be listening to it at the exact same time as you are reading this.

So never mind that.

Suffice it to say, the demo is being finished. Finally. It'll be up on our brand new Bandcamp as soon as we can get it there, and we'll try to get it up on Facebook as well, just for convenience's sake. And if it sounds good, we'll even package that shit right up and sell it to your dumb ass even though you can just listen to it on the internet. Don't worry, we'll throw in an extra song or two, and there will probably be boobs involved too; you'll get your money's worth. We'd never play ya like that, baby.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Aviary is dead! Long live the Aviary!

Bad news.

Ugh, it kills us to write this, too, because we just got done writing in our last post about how much we love playing basement shows, especially at places like the Aviary. But so it goes, the Aviary is no more, by order of the City of Pittsburgh. Something about noise and alcohol and whatever other bullshit they can think of because they're in charge and we aren't. Fuck.

Suffice it to say, the show on April 15th (and the one on the 23rd as well) is pretty much cancelled. We're looking for another place to have it, but the whole point of the Aviary was about having a space where there wasn't any others--right in the heart of Oakland where young people actually live. So it seems unlikely that we'll actually be able to find anything. Sorry guys.

But we're not going down quietly. J.z. just sent a letter to the editor of both the Post-Gazette and the City Paper, hoping that we can be heard. This whole thing is nonsense when there are frats up the street where girls have to watch their drinks and fights break out in the street. And yet the city turns a blind eye because that's "all just part of college." We want to have a positive community space for music and it's a problem? Fuck that. Here's the letter:

Just last week, Scott Mervis wrote an article about the new face of Pittsburgh music, and mere days later, one of the best and most welcoming spots for making independent music in the heart of the city has been served a cease and desist.

"The Aviary" is a row home on Ophelia Street in South Oakland and those who live in the house are now being threatened with fines and jail time pending investigation. What the city has demanded to be shut down was a biweekly music night, an open mic of sorts, that invited artists from all around town to play in their basement. Everyone was welcome, from classical guitarists to punk bands. What developed at the Aviary was a community of music, one that was inviting and positive. A recent article in the Pitt News will tell you as much.

Yes, it got loud. Just as loud as any other parties in South Oakland do each week. But unlike many of those parties, the Aviary has never had an issue with violence or drug use or even public drunkenness. After a single noise complaint, this communal hub for music is being wiped off the city's radar. Never mind the bands that got their start there over the past year of its existence; bands that now regularly play around town and are the future of Pittsburgh's ever-struggling music scene that Mr. Mervis wrote about. Never mind the attendees of the music nights who were given a safe, welcoming place to celebrate the music of their peers. Never mind the entire concept of a music community and what it can provide for this city.

I understand the issues of noise, the problems of student drinking; but those exist with every party, and in driving through South Oakland, the Aviary was no louder or more raucous than any other house on a weekend night. It was a safe place, a sanctuary for creativity that now must close, while a blind eye is so often turned to problem places just blocks away. There is no outlet for music in Oakland like this, with such a long proud history of punk houses just south of the Boulevard where music could be made and heard, it breaks my heart that another one must pass in its prime.

Don't give up the ship. Sorry to the Aviary, but we'll keep this motherfucking dream alive somehow.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 15th @ The Aviary

We're heading back to that little basement in South Oakland, this time in support of a roots country/white soul band from Columbus, Ohio called Steamboat. We love playing basement gigs, probably more than bars or anything else, and the Aviary is a great one. It's a more intimate kind of venue, right up in the faces of the people there listening; a place where no matter your sound, it is presented directly to the people. Whether they like it or not.

There is an intensity in that, one that can't be found anywhere with a sound man and seating and lights. So we're really excited to be back and playing with some great bands including Legs Like Tree Trunks, who are opening for Ke$ha (go figure that one out), at Bigelow Bash this year, and of course, Sleepy V, our lovely hosts as always. We hope you can make it, and that you bring along a case of PBR too, because what's a South Oakland house party without a whole fuck-ton of everyone's favorite piss-in-a-can?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A few loose ends

So many different things have been happening!

We played last night at Peter's Pub in Oakland and the show went way better than we had expected it to; for one, 3/4 of the band wasn't arrested like Luke was so convinced they were going to be. The trick to being underage and playing in a bar is just not to act like you're underage. Just act like you are supposed to be there, because you're with the band. You're a goddamn rockstar. Who cares?

It was a pretty sure bet that Psychic Boots would be cool (so cool that they invited us onto a show with them in May!), but it turned out the guy on acoustic guitar, Sean Benjamin, was a pretty righteous dude too. Sure, he had a djembe player with him who was nowhere near black, but they covered a Danzig song and a Misfits song. What the fuck? After the show, Luke and J.z. ran into them on the sidewalk where Sean was podcasting the post-show wrap-up as he apparently has been doing for seven months as he plays around the country. He sort of interviewed them drunkenly, so as soon as that podcast hits the internet, wherever the hell it does, we'll definitely find it and link it on here.

There finally are more pictures from The Aviary earlier this month as well. We've got them on our flickr page, and linked up there in our Photos section, but these are a few of our favorites. Mad love to Gina Rifugiato and Jessica Marie Balzer for coming and snapping them!

Well hey, that's Gene from Sleepy V, judging us harshly as he wanders by!

Some new shows for April and May are listed on the sidebar and in our Shows section as well, not that you couldn't have figured that out yourselves, you sly dogs. Also, our Facebook page finally has a whopping twenty-five friends which is awesome because we now have a URL! Woo-hoo! It's totally like Aerosmith up in this joint now, baby. Gettin' serious and shit. Finally, we're finishing up the EP this Saturday hopefully, so it should be in your stereos by sometime in April!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 26th @ Peter's Pub

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, we just had a show last night and already another one is coming up this weekend. But you're in luck because it's not almost an hour away! In fact, it's likely that it's mere blocks from your home, or at least a quick bus-ride! We'll be playing Peter's Pub in Oakland for a fundraising event with the University of Pittsburgh's Student Occupational Therapy Association with our friends Psychic Boots (of the Doo-Wop Collective) and a singer-songwriter from Ohio (don't hold it against him!) named Sean Benjamin. We don't even know what occupational therapy is, but when J.z. searched it, he found this awesome image of a tree with which he consequently made a flyer for the show:

Truth be told, our friend Hunter Korchak is a member of UPSOTA and he asked us to play after he saw us at The Aviary; this isn't some Bono-shit charity work here, it's just us being really glad someone liked us enough to invite us to play a show. But we did pay it forward, hooking up Psychic Boots with the show as well, so maybe we're not such bad guys after all. If you're not so bad either, maybe you should come out and see the show, but if you're really bad, you should definitely come to the show and then hook-up with us afterward. We'll therapeutize all the hell over your occupation, baby.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 18th @ The Fallout Shelter

So you know how sometimes when a really awesome cool thing happens, an even more awesome and cool thing will happen along with it, thereby augmenting the absolute value of its total, unpasteurized awesome and cool to the point of total annihilation of anything boring or lame? Y'know like when you win a brand new car and you open up the glovebox to find a blowjob machine? Well, it turns out that the completely random Fallout Shelter show we recently got tagged up for this Friday is just one of those events. Why, you ask? Because it just so turns out we're sharing the stage with our bestest buddies in the whole wide world, Sleepy V!

We just played with them at The Aviary, so we're takin' the show on the road, all the way out to Aliquippa, and we're gonna melt some faces with hot lixx and sexual harmonies, respectively. We'll also be playing with some other bands, but who even cares? It's Low Man and Sleepy V! The Odd Couple of the Pittsburgh indie scene! What more could you possibly want? For the show to take place in the middle of friggin' nowhere, out past the airport? Your wish is our command! Get in your muscle car and rev that engine all the way out to Aliquippa and we will repay you with music and hugs and all kinds of other sexually explicit things that you really just can't put a price on (because they're illegal).

It's short notice, but what else are you doing on a Friday? Getting drunk? Hanging out with your friends? You can do both of those with us! For more details, check out the Facebook event!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Doin' thangs

Boy, have we been hard at work. We've been working on our demo in our secret lair and have all of the recording just about finished. J.z. tracked vocals and Byers and Luke laid down some guitar parts the other night, so all that's left is background vocals and the daunting task of mixing, for which we're super glad to have Ben Smartnick of Kim Phuc on board! Give us a week or two yet, and we should have this thing rolled out for all your ears to hear.

But in the meantime, there's plenty of Low Man to go around. We've got two shows coming up on somewhat short notice. This Friday, March 18th, we're headed back to The Fallout Shelter in Aliquippa, where we first popped our show cherry a month ago. Then, next week we've got a special show coming up in Oakland at Peter's Pub for a University of Pittsburgh fundraiser of some sort. We have absolutely no details whatsoever on these shows yet, but that's half the fun! Mystery Shows! Come and maybe see us! Perhaps there will be other bands! Probably it will be loud! Will there be beers? Likely! How about Low Man buttons? Unlikely!

Stay tuned for more info here and on our Facebook page linked over there on the right--if we get any! Bahaha!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the studio

Last night, we rolled into the studio and laid down the bones of five of our songs. It was surprisingly easier than we had expected and we don't all passionately hate all of our songs or each other, so we'll consider it a success. Byers was manning the controls, so he'll be dubbing his guitar parts in over the live trio of Luke, J.z. and Evan, and then all of the vocals will be added as well.

J.z. meant to bring his camera and document the whole process, but naturally he forgot it on his kitchen table. Plus, how the hell was he thinking he was going to take pictures while playing the entire time anyway? What's important is that the music has been laid down in surprisingly few takes (we're more professional than we thought!) and is almost ready for mixing. We're so excited to have something to show for the minimal hard work we've done, and we hope you enjoy when you hear it as well.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The nicest goddamn words ever

If you missed the show last night, I really am terribly sorry, because it was pretty much exactly what we had hoped and dreamed: filthy, loud, messy and rock 'n' roll to the bones. The bands were all fantastic. Coal Miner has a really math-y vibe, but with some (whether they like it or not) obvious pop-punk influences seeping in there. Like Brand New if they grew some balls and some time signature changes. And Ash Dinosaur was some straight up 90s Matador shit, pulling major inspiration from Mission of Burma and Pavement. And of course, our buddies in Sleepy V are always fantastic for a good time. J.z. still can't believe they can nail those harmonies live when he can't even get through an entire set in tune with himself. Disgusting.

The best part of the show of all, though, was the fact that people really seemed to like us. Not to be egocentric or anything, but it is kind of why we do what we do. A load of people talked to us after our set and throughout the rest of the night and were really down with what we did, and it makes us excited to keep doing it and moving in a more focused direction. Mike from Chrononaut (one of our favorite local bands we've got linked over there on the left) wrote some of the nicest goddamn words anyone has said about any of our music last night on a Pittsburgh punk-rock message board:

"Siiick show. Low Man is pretty new, and lookin' like one of my favorite locals already. I got some QOTSA vibes from some of the songs. Awesome hooks, good heaviness, cool dudes."

He liked us! He really did!

Thanks to all of you guys again for coming out. We're not exactly sure when our next gig is, though we should be having one in late March if nothing falls through. Until then, we'll be recording and getting some merch together so we can start doing some little tours and sellin' our wares. And as soon as we get pictures back from this show, they'll be up here like cold beer. For your enjoyment.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Holy shit, this shit is on. Tomorrow! We're going to light the Aviary the fuck up. Get there when the doors open at 8p, because shit gets real at 9p sharp. Or at least like 9:15 or so, give us a break. Then you're in for it, baby.

In unrelated news, we'll have pins soon, and maybe stickers soon too. And best of all, it seems that we'll be recording a demo on Friday night into Saturday morning. We're still debating what tracks to lay down and how we're doing the whole thing exactly, but when we emerge from the studio at Duquesne University (it's free, since Byers is a student and all) into the hazy Saturday sunlight, we should be one shitty CD-R richer, at least in terms of musical viability. Y'know, for getting shows and proving that we're a real band and so on and so forth.

In fact, if we're lucky we might actually have an awesome dude in the studio with us, overseeing the whole party and making sure it rocks the hardest it can. J.z.'s friend Ben Smartnick of local legends Kim Phuc is likely to make an appearance, so long as Mineo's pizza is in the house. Needless to say, we're pretty excited.

So come out tomorrow! Hear the songs we'll put on the demo and then sell back to you so that we can make a billion dollars and J.z. can quit his job and Luke and Byers can drop out of college and Evan can keep going to high school because it's the law. Sorry dawg, them's the rules.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photos - The Fallout Shelter, 2/17/11

Last night's show at The Fallout Shelter was fantastic. Wings for Armor was a great time, but Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes absolutely blew the doors off the place. None of us had really quite understood what we were going into (except Byers, since he was already a huge Rice Cakes fan and got us on the bill for that exact reason in the first place), but a cutesy folk-pop outfit they were not. They fucking rocked hard on some insanely prog-y shit that was all over the place.

They were also really insanely cool people and we talked to them for awhile afterwards and decided that as soon as we have shit to sell, we'll make a little week-long tour up the east coast and play with them around New England. They think that their hometown of Providence will really be into us, so that will be cool. The whole thing was just awesome, so if you missed it, that's too bad. At least you can take a look at some painfully artsy pictures from the show, courtesy of Carly's camera and no flash.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the show. We had a ton of fun and can't wait to do it again, whether in Aliquippa, Pittsburgh, Providence or anywhere that will have us. Especially if there's more free beer.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 17th @ The Fallout Shelter

Exactly half of the band has no idea where exactly Aliquippa even is, but that's where we're headed on Thursday night to play with a fun little indie-folk kinda group called Roz Raskin & The Rice Cakes. They're a fun band that Evan and Byers have apparently played with before, so they invited us along for a night of fun this Thursday at The Fallout Shelter.

Naturally, we've got nothing else to bring with us than our discordant brand of stoner rock, so we'll be a perfect fit with their delicate melodies and whispering slide guitar. Right. We can hope the crowd keeps an open mind. Folk-pop fans don't seem like the types to whip beer bottles at the stage, but J.z.'s bringing his bike helmet just in case.

Seriously though, The Fallout Shelter is a great venue and we're pumped to be playing with a band as cool as the Rice Cakes. It's a ways away up there in Beaver County, but if you really want to tag along, we can probably find room for you in one of our cars! We promise we're safe drivers!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

March 3rd @ The Aviary

Every other Thursday, the guys from The Aviary at 360 Ophelia Street do a "Music Night" which is a really low-key, nice open-mic thing, where people just post on their Facebook wall to get on the list and the music goes well into the night with everyone having a good time. So naturally, we wanted to ruin that.

Actually, the Aviary dudes (who just so happen to also be the Sleepy V dudes), are the sweetest bunch of guys in the world, or at least South Oakland, and invited us to come in with some of our favorite bands in the city and totally wreck the joint. So we're going to do just that on Thursday March 3rd with Ash Dinosaur, Coal Miner, and of course, Sleepy V themselves.

It's still a ways off, but we're just pretty excited about it. There aren't enough shows in South Oakland these days, and it's our mission to change that. We actually have some things in the works to do so, but it all starts with just one show, something like this one. So come out to see Low Man and all the other cool bands; come out to show your support for the growth of the South Oakland music community; come out to drink beers and hang with your friends... it don't matter none. Either way, we'd love to see you there.

Door at 8p // Music at 9p
No cover charge // Donations welcome

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A website!?

Holy shit, Low Man is all up inside your internet now. We've got a Facebook page and a blog... we're like Aerosmith or something. This is the place to be, ladies and gents. We've got show listings and links to shit and maybe we'll put up a picture or three when someone takes some of us. Maybe we'll even record some songs and put them up here for you to listen to. We have no idea.

This is where it'll all take place. Or maybe we'll never update this thing at all. That's the more likely end result here. But we spent like, thirty minutes on designing that logo up there, so the least you can do is stare at it for a few seconds, you ungrateful bastard. And come back and look at it every once in awhile. Maybe we'll change our background, who knows? Not us!

Really, though, we'll try to fill you up with goodness, so check back as we get things together. Shows are coming up, and with them come other cool things as well. We'll keep you in the loop and give you whatever you want in return for your undying love. We're kinda slutty like that. Let us know what you think. Or better yet, invite us to play somewhere. That would be awesome.