Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A website!?

Holy shit, Low Man is all up inside your internet now. We've got a Facebook page and a blog... we're like Aerosmith or something. This is the place to be, ladies and gents. We've got show listings and links to shit and maybe we'll put up a picture or three when someone takes some of us. Maybe we'll even record some songs and put them up here for you to listen to. We have no idea.

This is where it'll all take place. Or maybe we'll never update this thing at all. That's the more likely end result here. But we spent like, thirty minutes on designing that logo up there, so the least you can do is stare at it for a few seconds, you ungrateful bastard. And come back and look at it every once in awhile. Maybe we'll change our background, who knows? Not us!

Really, though, we'll try to fill you up with goodness, so check back as we get things together. Shows are coming up, and with them come other cool things as well. We'll keep you in the loop and give you whatever you want in return for your undying love. We're kinda slutty like that. Let us know what you think. Or better yet, invite us to play somewhere. That would be awesome.

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