Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 17th @ The Fallout Shelter

Exactly half of the band has no idea where exactly Aliquippa even is, but that's where we're headed on Thursday night to play with a fun little indie-folk kinda group called Roz Raskin & The Rice Cakes. They're a fun band that Evan and Byers have apparently played with before, so they invited us along for a night of fun this Thursday at The Fallout Shelter.

Naturally, we've got nothing else to bring with us than our discordant brand of stoner rock, so we'll be a perfect fit with their delicate melodies and whispering slide guitar. Right. We can hope the crowd keeps an open mind. Folk-pop fans don't seem like the types to whip beer bottles at the stage, but J.z.'s bringing his bike helmet just in case.

Seriously though, The Fallout Shelter is a great venue and we're pumped to be playing with a band as cool as the Rice Cakes. It's a ways away up there in Beaver County, but if you really want to tag along, we can probably find room for you in one of our cars! We promise we're safe drivers!

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