Sunday, March 27, 2011

A few loose ends

So many different things have been happening!

We played last night at Peter's Pub in Oakland and the show went way better than we had expected it to; for one, 3/4 of the band wasn't arrested like Luke was so convinced they were going to be. The trick to being underage and playing in a bar is just not to act like you're underage. Just act like you are supposed to be there, because you're with the band. You're a goddamn rockstar. Who cares?

It was a pretty sure bet that Psychic Boots would be cool (so cool that they invited us onto a show with them in May!), but it turned out the guy on acoustic guitar, Sean Benjamin, was a pretty righteous dude too. Sure, he had a djembe player with him who was nowhere near black, but they covered a Danzig song and a Misfits song. What the fuck? After the show, Luke and J.z. ran into them on the sidewalk where Sean was podcasting the post-show wrap-up as he apparently has been doing for seven months as he plays around the country. He sort of interviewed them drunkenly, so as soon as that podcast hits the internet, wherever the hell it does, we'll definitely find it and link it on here.

There finally are more pictures from The Aviary earlier this month as well. We've got them on our flickr page, and linked up there in our Photos section, but these are a few of our favorites. Mad love to Gina Rifugiato and Jessica Marie Balzer for coming and snapping them!

Well hey, that's Gene from Sleepy V, judging us harshly as he wanders by!

Some new shows for April and May are listed on the sidebar and in our Shows section as well, not that you couldn't have figured that out yourselves, you sly dogs. Also, our Facebook page finally has a whopping twenty-five friends which is awesome because we now have a URL! Woo-hoo! It's totally like Aerosmith up in this joint now, baby. Gettin' serious and shit. Finally, we're finishing up the EP this Saturday hopefully, so it should be in your stereos by sometime in April!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 26th @ Peter's Pub

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, we just had a show last night and already another one is coming up this weekend. But you're in luck because it's not almost an hour away! In fact, it's likely that it's mere blocks from your home, or at least a quick bus-ride! We'll be playing Peter's Pub in Oakland for a fundraising event with the University of Pittsburgh's Student Occupational Therapy Association with our friends Psychic Boots (of the Doo-Wop Collective) and a singer-songwriter from Ohio (don't hold it against him!) named Sean Benjamin. We don't even know what occupational therapy is, but when J.z. searched it, he found this awesome image of a tree with which he consequently made a flyer for the show:

Truth be told, our friend Hunter Korchak is a member of UPSOTA and he asked us to play after he saw us at The Aviary; this isn't some Bono-shit charity work here, it's just us being really glad someone liked us enough to invite us to play a show. But we did pay it forward, hooking up Psychic Boots with the show as well, so maybe we're not such bad guys after all. If you're not so bad either, maybe you should come out and see the show, but if you're really bad, you should definitely come to the show and then hook-up with us afterward. We'll therapeutize all the hell over your occupation, baby.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 18th @ The Fallout Shelter

So you know how sometimes when a really awesome cool thing happens, an even more awesome and cool thing will happen along with it, thereby augmenting the absolute value of its total, unpasteurized awesome and cool to the point of total annihilation of anything boring or lame? Y'know like when you win a brand new car and you open up the glovebox to find a blowjob machine? Well, it turns out that the completely random Fallout Shelter show we recently got tagged up for this Friday is just one of those events. Why, you ask? Because it just so turns out we're sharing the stage with our bestest buddies in the whole wide world, Sleepy V!

We just played with them at The Aviary, so we're takin' the show on the road, all the way out to Aliquippa, and we're gonna melt some faces with hot lixx and sexual harmonies, respectively. We'll also be playing with some other bands, but who even cares? It's Low Man and Sleepy V! The Odd Couple of the Pittsburgh indie scene! What more could you possibly want? For the show to take place in the middle of friggin' nowhere, out past the airport? Your wish is our command! Get in your muscle car and rev that engine all the way out to Aliquippa and we will repay you with music and hugs and all kinds of other sexually explicit things that you really just can't put a price on (because they're illegal).

It's short notice, but what else are you doing on a Friday? Getting drunk? Hanging out with your friends? You can do both of those with us! For more details, check out the Facebook event!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Doin' thangs

Boy, have we been hard at work. We've been working on our demo in our secret lair and have all of the recording just about finished. J.z. tracked vocals and Byers and Luke laid down some guitar parts the other night, so all that's left is background vocals and the daunting task of mixing, for which we're super glad to have Ben Smartnick of Kim Phuc on board! Give us a week or two yet, and we should have this thing rolled out for all your ears to hear.

But in the meantime, there's plenty of Low Man to go around. We've got two shows coming up on somewhat short notice. This Friday, March 18th, we're headed back to The Fallout Shelter in Aliquippa, where we first popped our show cherry a month ago. Then, next week we've got a special show coming up in Oakland at Peter's Pub for a University of Pittsburgh fundraiser of some sort. We have absolutely no details whatsoever on these shows yet, but that's half the fun! Mystery Shows! Come and maybe see us! Perhaps there will be other bands! Probably it will be loud! Will there be beers? Likely! How about Low Man buttons? Unlikely!

Stay tuned for more info here and on our Facebook page linked over there on the right--if we get any! Bahaha!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the studio

Last night, we rolled into the studio and laid down the bones of five of our songs. It was surprisingly easier than we had expected and we don't all passionately hate all of our songs or each other, so we'll consider it a success. Byers was manning the controls, so he'll be dubbing his guitar parts in over the live trio of Luke, J.z. and Evan, and then all of the vocals will be added as well.

J.z. meant to bring his camera and document the whole process, but naturally he forgot it on his kitchen table. Plus, how the hell was he thinking he was going to take pictures while playing the entire time anyway? What's important is that the music has been laid down in surprisingly few takes (we're more professional than we thought!) and is almost ready for mixing. We're so excited to have something to show for the minimal hard work we've done, and we hope you enjoy when you hear it as well.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The nicest goddamn words ever

If you missed the show last night, I really am terribly sorry, because it was pretty much exactly what we had hoped and dreamed: filthy, loud, messy and rock 'n' roll to the bones. The bands were all fantastic. Coal Miner has a really math-y vibe, but with some (whether they like it or not) obvious pop-punk influences seeping in there. Like Brand New if they grew some balls and some time signature changes. And Ash Dinosaur was some straight up 90s Matador shit, pulling major inspiration from Mission of Burma and Pavement. And of course, our buddies in Sleepy V are always fantastic for a good time. J.z. still can't believe they can nail those harmonies live when he can't even get through an entire set in tune with himself. Disgusting.

The best part of the show of all, though, was the fact that people really seemed to like us. Not to be egocentric or anything, but it is kind of why we do what we do. A load of people talked to us after our set and throughout the rest of the night and were really down with what we did, and it makes us excited to keep doing it and moving in a more focused direction. Mike from Chrononaut (one of our favorite local bands we've got linked over there on the left) wrote some of the nicest goddamn words anyone has said about any of our music last night on a Pittsburgh punk-rock message board:

"Siiick show. Low Man is pretty new, and lookin' like one of my favorite locals already. I got some QOTSA vibes from some of the songs. Awesome hooks, good heaviness, cool dudes."

He liked us! He really did!

Thanks to all of you guys again for coming out. We're not exactly sure when our next gig is, though we should be having one in late March if nothing falls through. Until then, we'll be recording and getting some merch together so we can start doing some little tours and sellin' our wares. And as soon as we get pictures back from this show, they'll be up here like cold beer. For your enjoyment.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Holy shit, this shit is on. Tomorrow! We're going to light the Aviary the fuck up. Get there when the doors open at 8p, because shit gets real at 9p sharp. Or at least like 9:15 or so, give us a break. Then you're in for it, baby.

In unrelated news, we'll have pins soon, and maybe stickers soon too. And best of all, it seems that we'll be recording a demo on Friday night into Saturday morning. We're still debating what tracks to lay down and how we're doing the whole thing exactly, but when we emerge from the studio at Duquesne University (it's free, since Byers is a student and all) into the hazy Saturday sunlight, we should be one shitty CD-R richer, at least in terms of musical viability. Y'know, for getting shows and proving that we're a real band and so on and so forth.

In fact, if we're lucky we might actually have an awesome dude in the studio with us, overseeing the whole party and making sure it rocks the hardest it can. J.z.'s friend Ben Smartnick of local legends Kim Phuc is likely to make an appearance, so long as Mineo's pizza is in the house. Needless to say, we're pretty excited.

So come out tomorrow! Hear the songs we'll put on the demo and then sell back to you so that we can make a billion dollars and J.z. can quit his job and Luke and Byers can drop out of college and Evan can keep going to high school because it's the law. Sorry dawg, them's the rules.