Sunday, March 13, 2011

Doin' thangs

Boy, have we been hard at work. We've been working on our demo in our secret lair and have all of the recording just about finished. J.z. tracked vocals and Byers and Luke laid down some guitar parts the other night, so all that's left is background vocals and the daunting task of mixing, for which we're super glad to have Ben Smartnick of Kim Phuc on board! Give us a week or two yet, and we should have this thing rolled out for all your ears to hear.

But in the meantime, there's plenty of Low Man to go around. We've got two shows coming up on somewhat short notice. This Friday, March 18th, we're headed back to The Fallout Shelter in Aliquippa, where we first popped our show cherry a month ago. Then, next week we've got a special show coming up in Oakland at Peter's Pub for a University of Pittsburgh fundraiser of some sort. We have absolutely no details whatsoever on these shows yet, but that's half the fun! Mystery Shows! Come and maybe see us! Perhaps there will be other bands! Probably it will be loud! Will there be beers? Likely! How about Low Man buttons? Unlikely!

Stay tuned for more info here and on our Facebook page linked over there on the right--if we get any! Bahaha!

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