Sunday, March 27, 2011

A few loose ends

So many different things have been happening!

We played last night at Peter's Pub in Oakland and the show went way better than we had expected it to; for one, 3/4 of the band wasn't arrested like Luke was so convinced they were going to be. The trick to being underage and playing in a bar is just not to act like you're underage. Just act like you are supposed to be there, because you're with the band. You're a goddamn rockstar. Who cares?

It was a pretty sure bet that Psychic Boots would be cool (so cool that they invited us onto a show with them in May!), but it turned out the guy on acoustic guitar, Sean Benjamin, was a pretty righteous dude too. Sure, he had a djembe player with him who was nowhere near black, but they covered a Danzig song and a Misfits song. What the fuck? After the show, Luke and J.z. ran into them on the sidewalk where Sean was podcasting the post-show wrap-up as he apparently has been doing for seven months as he plays around the country. He sort of interviewed them drunkenly, so as soon as that podcast hits the internet, wherever the hell it does, we'll definitely find it and link it on here.

There finally are more pictures from The Aviary earlier this month as well. We've got them on our flickr page, and linked up there in our Photos section, but these are a few of our favorites. Mad love to Gina Rifugiato and Jessica Marie Balzer for coming and snapping them!

Well hey, that's Gene from Sleepy V, judging us harshly as he wanders by!

Some new shows for April and May are listed on the sidebar and in our Shows section as well, not that you couldn't have figured that out yourselves, you sly dogs. Also, our Facebook page finally has a whopping twenty-five friends which is awesome because we now have a URL! Woo-hoo! It's totally like Aerosmith up in this joint now, baby. Gettin' serious and shit. Finally, we're finishing up the EP this Saturday hopefully, so it should be in your stereos by sometime in April!

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