Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the studio

Last night, we rolled into the studio and laid down the bones of five of our songs. It was surprisingly easier than we had expected and we don't all passionately hate all of our songs or each other, so we'll consider it a success. Byers was manning the controls, so he'll be dubbing his guitar parts in over the live trio of Luke, J.z. and Evan, and then all of the vocals will be added as well.

J.z. meant to bring his camera and document the whole process, but naturally he forgot it on his kitchen table. Plus, how the hell was he thinking he was going to take pictures while playing the entire time anyway? What's important is that the music has been laid down in surprisingly few takes (we're more professional than we thought!) and is almost ready for mixing. We're so excited to have something to show for the minimal hard work we've done, and we hope you enjoy when you hear it as well.

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