Monday, March 14, 2011

March 18th @ The Fallout Shelter

So you know how sometimes when a really awesome cool thing happens, an even more awesome and cool thing will happen along with it, thereby augmenting the absolute value of its total, unpasteurized awesome and cool to the point of total annihilation of anything boring or lame? Y'know like when you win a brand new car and you open up the glovebox to find a blowjob machine? Well, it turns out that the completely random Fallout Shelter show we recently got tagged up for this Friday is just one of those events. Why, you ask? Because it just so turns out we're sharing the stage with our bestest buddies in the whole wide world, Sleepy V!

We just played with them at The Aviary, so we're takin' the show on the road, all the way out to Aliquippa, and we're gonna melt some faces with hot lixx and sexual harmonies, respectively. We'll also be playing with some other bands, but who even cares? It's Low Man and Sleepy V! The Odd Couple of the Pittsburgh indie scene! What more could you possibly want? For the show to take place in the middle of friggin' nowhere, out past the airport? Your wish is our command! Get in your muscle car and rev that engine all the way out to Aliquippa and we will repay you with music and hugs and all kinds of other sexually explicit things that you really just can't put a price on (because they're illegal).

It's short notice, but what else are you doing on a Friday? Getting drunk? Hanging out with your friends? You can do both of those with us! For more details, check out the Facebook event!

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