Friday, March 4, 2011

The nicest goddamn words ever

If you missed the show last night, I really am terribly sorry, because it was pretty much exactly what we had hoped and dreamed: filthy, loud, messy and rock 'n' roll to the bones. The bands were all fantastic. Coal Miner has a really math-y vibe, but with some (whether they like it or not) obvious pop-punk influences seeping in there. Like Brand New if they grew some balls and some time signature changes. And Ash Dinosaur was some straight up 90s Matador shit, pulling major inspiration from Mission of Burma and Pavement. And of course, our buddies in Sleepy V are always fantastic for a good time. J.z. still can't believe they can nail those harmonies live when he can't even get through an entire set in tune with himself. Disgusting.

The best part of the show of all, though, was the fact that people really seemed to like us. Not to be egocentric or anything, but it is kind of why we do what we do. A load of people talked to us after our set and throughout the rest of the night and were really down with what we did, and it makes us excited to keep doing it and moving in a more focused direction. Mike from Chrononaut (one of our favorite local bands we've got linked over there on the left) wrote some of the nicest goddamn words anyone has said about any of our music last night on a Pittsburgh punk-rock message board:

"Siiick show. Low Man is pretty new, and lookin' like one of my favorite locals already. I got some QOTSA vibes from some of the songs. Awesome hooks, good heaviness, cool dudes."

He liked us! He really did!

Thanks to all of you guys again for coming out. We're not exactly sure when our next gig is, though we should be having one in late March if nothing falls through. Until then, we'll be recording and getting some merch together so we can start doing some little tours and sellin' our wares. And as soon as we get pictures back from this show, they'll be up here like cold beer. For your enjoyment.

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