Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 22nd @ Gooski's

It's actually been almost a month since we played a show and that's kind of hard for us to believe. But we've been working on a bunch of new songs that you'll totally flip your lid for, and we've got just the place for that lid-flippin' to go down. We'll be playing at Gooski's in Polish Hill on Friday April 22nd with one of Pittsburgh's finest stoner rock bands around, Chrononaut, as well as psych-prog band Moonrises out of Chicago, and Carl Calm & Driphouse, two electro/noise acts by way of Brooklyn and North Carolina.

This show is going to be so seriously off the motherfucking chain that we made two different flyers for it. The first one up there is J.z.'s and is for hanging around town and at his job where the squares might bust a vein if they saw the second down there, courtesy of Mike from Chrononaut. That one gives you a little better of an idea as to how goddamn rock 'n' roll this shit is going be; it speaks the truth, hard and loud, just like our jams and our dicks, baby.

It's a 21+ show, so grab your fake IDs and get your ass to Polish Hill. We know damn well we don't have any fans old enough to actually get into this shit legally.

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