Friday, April 8, 2011


Right now, at this exact moment, the Low Man demo is being mixed in our secret lair in uptown Pittsburgh. Well, maybe not at this exact moment. Luke and Byers could be outside on a smoke break, or, perhaps, making out. And plus, depending on when you read this, the whole thing could be finished. In fact, you might be listening to the demo already by the time you're reading this. You might be listening to it at the exact same time as you are reading this.

So never mind that.

Suffice it to say, the demo is being finished. Finally. It'll be up on our brand new Bandcamp as soon as we can get it there, and we'll try to get it up on Facebook as well, just for convenience's sake. And if it sounds good, we'll even package that shit right up and sell it to your dumb ass even though you can just listen to it on the internet. Don't worry, we'll throw in an extra song or two, and there will probably be boobs involved too; you'll get your money's worth. We'd never play ya like that, baby.

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