Monday, April 25, 2011

More good press

Somehow in the big mess of things between finishing the demo, writing new songs and getting those sexy new pins made, we missed another bit of awesomely random (and randomly awesome) press about our band. The fabulous and apparently British site, Chybucca Sounds, found our little single on the internet just like Heavy Planet and The Soda Shop did, and wrote a review of their own as well. What's more, they liked it!

"Recorded and mixed in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Low Man’s early rugged sound mirrors their Californian stoner cousins. Inspired by the likes of Kyuss (among others) the driving quartet’s sound would benefit from the secretive spell that the rustic Rancho de la Luna studios casts over its inmates; especially the raw and moody fuzz of ‘Snake Farmer’ – a track that would flourish in the Mojave heat."

We could not possibly agree more about the Rancho de la Luna thing either--definitely a dream of ours. Just standing in a room with Josh Homme would probably put Luke into a coma, and maybe Dave Catching even has a fuzz pedal that J.z. could borrow. Plus, Dave Grohl just comes with the price for studio time, right?

Seriously though, a huge thanks to Chybucca Sounds for the insanely nice words from all the way across the pond. Maybe if we ever get our asses to the UK in like... a decade, we can meet up over a couple pints of Strongbow.

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