Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"New Band to Burn One To"

It appears that we are pretty cool. At least some small cross-section of the internet beyond us thinks so. Namely the cross-section of the internet that likes stoner rock, which is exactly the kind of cross-section we hoped might think we're pretty cool.

The stoner rock-centric blogs, Heavy Planet and The Soda Shop listed Low Man as yesterday's "New Band to Burn One To" and we seriously could not be more flattered. And confused. Just because we have no idea how they found us, short of just clicking randomly through all the horrible shit that is on Bandcamp--and if that's the case and they ended up still liking us after slogging through all that other nonsense, we really have to tip our hats to them. Their thoughts?

"These guys have something good going on and show a promising future. They have that whole hard rock, desert rock, and anything Josh Homme has/is involved in. Hit them up on Facebook and their other sites and show em some love."

Short and sweet. And then they embedded our new two-song demo for people to check out as well. And the best part was that people we don't even know went ahead and Liked that shit on Facebook. No matter how minor the whole thing is, it is so awesome a feeling to have someone notice your shit and like it, especially when it's just some random person on the internet who has no good reason to like you short of the actual quality of your shit. So thanks, Heavy Planet and The Soda Shop, we appreciate the love and our first bit of press!

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