Saturday, April 23, 2011


The show last night at Gooski's was, as expected, awesome as all hell. Moonrises was the goddamn jam, Driphouse and Carl Calm taught Luke a bunch about noise, and, of course, Chrononaut are some of our favorite dudes in the city (and would be even more if they'd just play a goddamn Kiss cover already). Major thanks to everyone that made it out to get down to some of our new jams late into the night. We even saw some fist-pumping to Last of the Rat Kings. Hell yeah.

Best of all, we finally got some merch! Pins! Before the show started, Pittsburgh's Preferred 1" Pin Producer, Rachel Recalcitrant, came struttin' down Brereton Street with a ziplock bag full of 100 brand new pins in three different designs that J.z. made, so now we've got swag for you to show of your Low Man love. They're fifty cents each, so if you'd like to have one (or all three!) just come to our next show or ask one of your friendly local Low Man sales representatives and we'll get them to you! Evan's got a handful and J.z.'s got the rest of the bag and both of them have bikes, so we guarantee delivery in less than an hour. Or at least a week. Guaranteed service with a goddamn smile.

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