Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 13th @ Doo Wop Mansion

It's been a while since we played an all ages show, and we've heard your whiny cries so here you go--don't let us down. This Friday we are playing at North Oakland's Doo Wop Mansion, the house venue where Ursa Major and Psychic Boots live and love. Psychic Boots is hosting the show and headlining is a band from Boston called Pile.

It's a short-notice thing, coming up at the end of this week already, but you already know the venue on Morewood Avenue (heh heh) and it's only three bucks for the touring band, so you've got no excuses. School's almost over for you and this shit goes down on a Friday night, so you can even sleep in the next day before having to write your epic two-page paper on Lord of the Flies. Fucking high school. It's the Official Beginning of the Summer House Party Jam and the last Low Man show we've got scheduled for a while.

Door at 8p // Music at 9p
$3 // Invite your mom // Suck it

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No big (Vol. 2)

Oh hey, 'sup guys? You haven't heard about our totally sweet show coming up on Saturday at the 31st Street Pub? Then you must not read the Pittsburgh City Paper, because we totally got listed in there again as a Critic's Pick for the weekend.

Not that anyone in the local media really gives a shit about Low Man, but it's pretty badass to be listed with the Thing To See This Weekend twice in a row. Maybe some Marlon Randos will actually show up to this thing and buy our pins, since none of you fuckers will. Come to this shit.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 7th @ 31st Street Pub

Usually when we get on here and talk about one of the shows we have coming up, we get all riled and start ranting about how it's going to be the best thing since blowjobs, but this time I want to get serious for a second:

This show is going to be the best thing since blowjobs.

Seriously, this time. We are playing with White Hills, a fucking juggernaut of a space-rock band from Brooklyn on Thrill Jockey. They just got back from Europe and are doing a U.S. tour and gracing our little town of Pittsburgh with their presence for one night, and we're goddamn honored to be playing with them. They will seriously kick your nuts right into your ass. Plus there are some hot chicks in the band too.

If ever there was a Low Man show to attend, it is most assuredly this one. We've got new songs to jam to, new pins to snag, and sticking around for White Hills will be the ride of your life, straight to the gates of the cosmic worm's lair. The rest of our shows were all bullshit; this one is the biggest, fattest tit in the galaxy, so come and suckle the rock 'n' roll from it and let it dribble down your chin.