Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hard rep

It's fun to be in a band. People give you free drugs and free sex like it's going out of style, you get to drive around in limos and fly in personal jets, and every third Thursday of the month, everyone gets together and goes BASE jumping off Mount Rushmore into a giant vat of chocolate pudding.

But the really great thing about being in a band is meeting cool people (even if they don't give you drugs or sex). When Low Man was just starting out, we met these guys who were hosting a biweekly music night in their house. Since then, The Aviary has been shut down by the cops, and now is being re-opened for one last hurrah this Thursday night. But our friendship with the guys who ran the house has grown too.

Sleepy V have become some of our closest friends in the music scene here in Pittsburgh and our constant partners in crime, so naturally when we saw that they'd finally released their Take Away Tuesday video this week for the song "Out the Window", we wanted to link to it and show them off in all their adorable glory. But what is that that Gene (the one with the guitar) is wearing? Why yes it is a Low Man t-shirt! Reppin' the local scene hard with some soft, sweet jams.

It gets us a lil' teary-eyed seeing our friends make such great music, and even more so when they are silently fist-bumping us the entire way. True dudes. If you're into what they do (and they do it even better when they're all plugged in and full of alcohol), this Thursday is a great chance to see them and us as well!

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