Monday, July 18, 2011

July 21st @ The Aviary

Yes, you read that right. The Aviary got served a cease and desist back in spring, but the awesome dudes who live there are moving out this week, so we're gonna leave the place in ruins with the party of the century. Two touring bands are coming in from Boston (The La De Les) and from the good ol' state of Indiana (Desert Neighbor), and the rest of the night is going to be jam-packed with rock 'n' roll goodness from some Aviary stand-bys in Legs Like Tree Trunks, Sleepy V and of course, us!

Get the fuck to this show. We want to tear the place down and then burn it to the ground with everyone trapped inside. This is one of the best music houses in Pittsburgh, and in light of Helter Shelter in Lawrenceville being closed down as well this past week, we have to hang on to the things that are real and raw here. House venues will come and go, but The Aviary should be remembered for ages, so make sure it's your blood on the walls this Thursday or your grandchildren will kick you in the dick for being a big fat pussy.

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