Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 8th @ 31st Street Pub

So this is about as last minute as it gets, but we're playing tomorrow night at the 31st Street Pub at the twilight hour of ten. We're opening for a power-pop/garage-punk band called Nobunny that is headed by a dude who wears a bunny mask and apparently gets more than mostly naked at more than most of his shows. But he's recorded for Third Man, so if Jack White likes him, then so do we. Sounds fun at the least. Also taking the stage will be local punks, Scattergun.

We know none of you are even old enough to get into this show and that the rest of you have jobs the next day, so it's totally chill as hell if you can't make it. We just wanted to put the word out that we'd be playing another show so quick. We didn't even know this until this afternoon when the venerable Manny Theiner called us to find someone to fill in for a band that flaked. Frankly we're sorta flattered that we were the ones he called. So if you can swing by, that would totally be sweet. We'll give out free Low Man pins or something. Or rub on you sensually. Whatever you want. We're easy.

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