Friday, July 8, 2011

Pix 'N' Dix

So back in May we played an awesome show in an awesome basement with an awesome band from Boston called Pile, and then the awesome cops came and shut us the fuck down. It was pretty rad, except for the part where Pile couldn't even finish their set and the third band didn't even go on because the fucking party police came and pooped right on our party.

However, we did have awesome pictures taken at the gig, ones that we've all already adopted as our Facebook profile pics to show everyone that we're in a band and shit, and then changed to other pics completely because this whole thing went down like, two entire months ago. But J.z. finally got off his lazy ass after the Nobunny show tonight (which was killer as fuck) and actually uploaded them. Here are a few of our favorites, but as always, you can check them all out on our Facebook or on our Flickr.

More shit to come soon, probably. People were taking pictures at the Meadower show, so that should be bangin'. And we're almost sold out of our sweet t-shirts too! Waiting to hear back from the venerable Mike Budai about getting more of those fuckers for you fuckers!

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