Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 26th @ Mr. Smalls

Ho. Lee. Shit.

We just got done playing with Texas stonegaze rockers, True Widow last night (of which pictures will be posted soon!), and this morning J.z. gets an email from Opus One, the production company that books for Mr. Smalls, The Brillobox and Club Cafe, asking us to get in on this show last minute. Next week.

With the godfathers of doom themselves.

Fucking Pentagram is coming back to Pittsburgh and touring with Valient Thorr and Jeff the Brotherhood, and we are beyond honored to be sharing the same stage as the dudes who invented the shit that we do and are still doing it better than most out there. And they're old as fuck, man.

It's an expensive show, but we have tickets in hand and we'll give you a special deal on them. We don't really care about making money, we just want this thing to be a big fat party. It's the biggest show we'll probably ever play, so we gotta make it count, y'know? So talk to one of us about tickets and we'll hook you up!

Door at 6 // Music at 7
$20 at the door // $18 ahead of time // $?! if you talk to us

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