Thursday, September 8, 2011

Papa's got a brand new bag... of jams!

Last week we performed on the 92.1 WPTS Live Show, and this week we got the recording back from it. Now, even if you couldn't tune in, you can have a little bit of Low Man radio magic in your very own home! They're a little rough around the edges, but we picked out some of our favorites to share, including our newest song, the intellectually titled "American Literature From 1860," which, naturally, is about fucking. Additional fun-fact about that song: to comply with FCC regulations, we had to change the word "motherfucker" to something just as bad-ass but technically less obscene. The decision Luke made? "Harvey Keitel".

As always, you can find the recordings on our Music page right here on this website, but if you'd like to download them, visit our Bandcamp and have them for free! A big thank you to everyone at WPTS, especially Dave Cerminara, for letting us come in and make the studio unbearably loud and sweaty for an hour. And thanks as well to whomever it was that took the picture of what we can only assume is Lou Albano smoking the tires of a souped-up GT that we stole for the album artwork. Badass.

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