Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New to the Family

Sorry we’ve been so mysterious (and pretty much straight up missing) of late. It’s not that we’ve been hiding out or anything, we’ve just been busy trying to get things back together since fall and didn’t want to let anything slip out that wouldn’t be true. But now that things are pretty well in order, we’ve got a lot of cool things (and a few more mysteries) to let you in on.

First of all, Low Man is fucking back. We’ve gone through some changes in the past few months, but we’ve kept writing new music and are proud to introduce the two newest members of the Family. On drums we’ve got the venerable Derek Krystek who you probably know from Sleepy V or the Takeaway Tuesdays videos that he and his artistic cohort and roommate, Bryan Heller host online. He’s an absolute beast on the drums and we’re lucky to finally unleash him on some heaviness. Just practicing for the past month, he’s already broken at least three drumsticks.

And on guitar, we’re excited to welcome Mike Myzak, formerly of beastly space rockers, Chrononaut. He’s a wizard who’s down with the wizard and will be pumping some choo-choo-chuggin’ riffs alongside Luke and croonin’ sweet harmonies on every “Hey Ya! Hey!” we've got. He’s a good friend of ours and his facial hair makes us look way heavier than we even are.

But when can you partake of this sexually intimidating blood ritual that is the new Low Man? We’ve got a supersexysecret show coming up at the end of March in a filthy basement in South Oakland that you’ll hear more about soon, but even before that, we’re heading into the studio to finally record our EP! This weekend, actually, we’re taking to the fabulous Plus/Minus Studios in Pittsburgh’s historic South Side with producer Jason Jouver at the helm. He’s the guy behind Kim Phuc’s already legendary album Copsucker and Allies’ brand new disc, Wire Walk. He also sings in German Shepherd and slings a mean axe with Don Caballero. Long story short: he is the shit and we’re excited as hell to have him produce the record.

But what of other mysteries? We’ve got a few in store and we think you’ll like them when they’re all finished. We’re not really at liberty to talk about them right now, but if you want hints at what’s going on, you can visit our new Tumblr page, where J.z. has been posting pictures as things come together. It’s gonna be a wild time in the city.

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