Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 22nd @ Howlers

We've been real shitty of late about updating this site. It's just so much easier on Facebook and we're exceptionally lazy. We also actually have a Twitter now too, created for the express purpose of goading Dave Mustaine into fighting us. So far it hasn't worked. Hopefully we'll at least get a City Paper mention out of it.

But we come bearing good news! Namely, that we've got a couple of great shows coming up, starting with another one at Howlers this week! We'll be playing with some bands from the Boston area, The Proselyte and Flying Snakes. This is some seriously heavy-ass shit, so we get it if you wanna stay home and cry all night and piss yourself to sleep. But if you're into rockin' then feel free to come a-knockin' down in Bloomfield. On the bill as well is a local band that is also fucking awesome, Admiral of Narrow Seas. We're really excited to share a stage with their syrupy, droney goodness.

There will be more soon (as well as an all ages!), and our EP is on its way back to us really soon as well, so you'll get all the Low Man you can possibly handle this summer. Not just you in Pittsburgh either--we'll be heading east as well once this EP is finished and we've got something to sell you, Philly. We're whores like that.

Door at 8 // Music at 9
$5 // 21+

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