Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our EP is here!

That's right, the Low Man EP has finally hit the internet. What's more, we're in the process of getting physical CDs right now, and hoping to turn one of our upcoming shows into a super-sweet CD release party so stay tuned for that! But in the meantime, you can check out this shit on our Bandcamp (or just by going to our Music page right here) and even download it if you're into it. If you do download it, you get all the liner notes and CD artwork, as well as a secret track, so get dirty with that shit.

That's the cover of it right there, all scary and sexy and shit. An interesting trivia fact: that guy in the background is our wonderful friend Gene from Sleepy V, and that sultry shadow being cast across the ground is his girlfriend Liz! And the alleyway we shot in? It smells like cat pee! The more you know. If you buy this shit, you'll get more pics, and it'll help us make some of the money back that we spent on the record so we can start working on our next EP. Oh yes, we've got six more songs we're putting down in the next few months, as well as an extra special split that we'll be recording and releasing even sooner. We've got all kinds of new goodies for you on the way.

And if you want to hear these new songs? Come to one of our shows! We updated all the listings on our Shows page so you can see what's coming up because we've got quite a few, and we'd definitely love to see you at one and rub our sweaty bodies on you. Because we're hot like that. Temperature-wise, that is.

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