Thursday, September 13, 2012

We have CDs!

Our CDs have arrived and we're finally (kinda) a real band! They're even shrink-wrapped and shit. It's pretty legit, we have to say. And boy does it feel good! If you're lookin' to snag one of these bad boys to pop in the dash of your 2001 Volkswagen Jetta, then boy do we have a deal for you. They're only gonna be six bucks a piece--but if you get them at one of our shows, they'll only be five! We appreciate you coming to see us live, plus we know what a pain in the dick it can be to have/make change. You're welcome!

So you wanna grab this thing for five bones and don't know when or how? This Monday, September 17th, at the Mr. Roboto Project in Garfield (right across the street from Spak Brothers), we're having our CD release party with our friends Old Accusers and Pile, who are coming all the way down from Boston! You may remember Pile from our show at the Doo-Wop Mansion around this time last year... y'know, the one that got busted up by the cops and put Doo-Wop out of commission once and for all? Well, Pile didn't get to finish their set back then, and though they have come back to Pittsburgh since, this is most definitely the party you've been waiting for.

As for Old Accusers, if you don't already know them, you might as well just give up. They also just put out a brand-new record and we're excited to finally share the stage with the dudes. And, fittingly, you should get excited too. It's going to be off the hook for sure, maybe even with some extra little surprises to get your panties all twisted. There's only one way to find out!

Monday September 17th @ Roboto
Door at 7 // Music at 8
$5 // All ages // $5 CDs!

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