Monday, June 10, 2013

We're still alive!

Despite what this site might have you believe, we're still around playing shows and all that shit. It's tough keepin' up with as much internet as we are on, what with Tweeter and Facespace and Tumblogger and all those other web-dingies. We realize it's been... well, almost a year since we updated the blog portion of this blog, so if you're dropping in here to see if we want to play a show or whatever, we just wanted to let you know that YES we ARE still a band. Just one that is bad at blogging.

You can always check out our upcoming shows on here and buy merch, and maybe once the next tour is scheduled or next album is recorded, we'll fire up this old wreck more often, but you know how it goes. If you wanna get at us, find us all over the internet or just email us at, because we totally wanna hear from you too. We're still available for Sexy Birthday Parties, Sexy Retirement Parties and (especially) Sexy Bar Mitzvahs, so hit us up!

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